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Sandford Hill Primary School – Longton 20th June, 2nd and 3rd July 2014

Cathie worked with Year 4 pupils to produce a giant jigsaw on the theme of My School Community. 

Starting with a brain storming session pupils were asked to think about their favourite lessons, school clubs, friends, family and what the wider community meant to them.  They then designed and produced individual jigsaw pieces using a mixture of drawing, collage and mosaic techniques.  Pupils also wove a paper river Trent which incorporates sentences explaining the elements of their community that mean the most to them.  The jigsaw is framed with a tree and a bottle kiln representing Longton Park and the Gladstone Museum which contain words such as pride, happiness and protected to express how pupils feel about school life at Sandford Hill.

The finished work is displayed in the school’s entrance hall.

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