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Art on the Timetable

We are really pleased to announce that Cathie Powell-Davies our UK Residency local artist has teamed up with Staffordshire Universities’ Janet Hetherington to secure funding to continue working at St Quentin’s Residential home.  ‘Art on the Timetable’ is an exciting new project funded by Staffordshire County Council which will be led by Cathie and will take the form of a series of workshops.  The workshop sessions will be held at St Quentin’s residential home and aim to explore further some of the themes and ideas touched upon during Residency.  The workshop programme will be purposely designed to fit into the activity structure which is used within the home as part of the daily routine. The workshops will specifically be designed for older people with complex needs, many of who may require nursing care. The workshops will develop the ideas and themes about community building within care settings which were initiated during Residency.  The intention is to create a menu of opportunities including textiles, costume design, sculpture and Fine Art.  Cathie’s prior experience in the setting ensures these will be designed and based around the needs of the residents.

Accompanying the workshops will be a programme to engage staff in discussion about how St Quentin’s team can develop skills to initiate arts projects and embed arts practice into their existing activity programme.   The overall project aim is that care staff will learn and develop new skills and approaches that will enable them to continue to offer a high quality of creative sessions with residents which will challenge and exceed standard expectations of what can be offered in a care home setting long after the project has finished.



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